NJIS Jakarta Produces Excellent Young Businessmen
Through Mini MBA Program

North Jakarta Intercultural School (NJIS) an international school with curriculum International Baccalaureate (IB) in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta together with New York University, Harvard Student Agencies and Learn with Leaders have made some excellent and competent young entrepreneurs, through Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration) competition: “Calling Young Entrepreneurs”, educational program which explores the ability of the younger generation about the business world.

NJIS Head of School Gerald Donovan is grateful that the Mini MBA program has received good interest from the participants consisting of students from class VIII to class XII in Indonesia and abroad (India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Zambia). NJIS sees the development of the business world as very dynamic and fast, both in Indonesia and globally. As a part of the education system in Indonesia, NJIS takes the initiative to support the younger generation to strengthen the foundation of their knowledge to become more qualified and capable.

“NJIS is grateful and proud that the Mini MBA program can be implemented successfully. Even in a pandemic situation, NJIS continues to be committed to provide positive online activities for students and one of the students through this prestigious program. We congratulate the winners and hope that all knowledge transfers are provided by competent experts in their fields. This will be a provision for participants to enter the business world,” explained Gerald.

The previous Mini MBA program was carried out for 10 days by providing theory and implementation holistic business. Programs are mentored directly by lecturers from the world's best universities, including: Professor George Benaroya of New York University, Harvard Student Agencies by Harvard University students (it has become one of the largest student bodies in the world United States) and Co-Founder of Learn with Leaders Bejoy Suri. At the end of the program, the participants competed by preparing a business plan for each group and were given the opportunity to present it to the judges. Next, the judges gave an assessment, evaluation, criticism, and suggestions so that the participants' business plans can be implemented more maturely.

The Mini MBA competition presents a variety of creative ideas. The Golden Eagles V group for example , they put forward an idea business in the form of the BluStudy application, an application that allows schools to carry out the learning process online and integrated teaching. From Kaarigari group, they develop an e-commerce platform for local artisans in marketing their authentic products, as well as introducing local culture. Another participant, name Fashion Fusion, developed a business in the fashion field titled Azalea, in the form of a website to help designers avoid garment waste in their work through digital formats. Azalea offers a platform for fashion design in 3D format that is integrated with shopping features so that consumers can choose the clothes they want. While Quick by Games, is an application that integrates all types of popular games in one easy-to-use device. Various video game companies will join the application so that consumers can have and buy the desired video games.

In the final round of the competition, the judges have selected four teams as winners who have an idea out of the box, implementable and unique. Meanwhile, the team that managed to win the competition was Golden Eagles V, Kaarigari, Fashion Fusion, and Quick by Games. The winner is entitled to a prize with a total of USD 2000 or IDR 27 million, certificates from Harvard Student Agencies, NJIS, and Learn with Leaders (LwL). Not only that, the winner will receive a letter of recommendation from LwL, as well as the opportunity to experience working in the company for ten days firsthand.

Gerald revealed, the success of the Mini MBA program cannot be separated from the support of the judges who are successful and well-known entrepreneurs in Indonesia including Executive Shareholder Agung Podomoro Land and Agung Podomoro Group Putra Pratana Haliman, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Tokopedia Leontinus Alpha Edison, Active Investor & Partner of Northstar Group Henky Prihatna, Professor of New York University George Benaroya, and Co-Founder Learn with Leaders Bejoy Suri. Executive Shareholder Agung Podomoro Land and Agung Podomoro Group Putra Pratana Haliman stating the business ideas of successful business people in the world are often underestimated at first, but in the end they are successful and successful. "In every competition there is who wins and loses. All participants must remain motivated and confident to pursue their dreams,” explained Putra.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Tokopedia Leontinus Alpha Edison who said that every experience should be put to good use. “I am sure and very happy if the participants can translate that knowledge and experience into a great business model,” said Leontinus. Northstar Group Active Investor & Partner Henky Prihatna says a great businessman doesn't formed 1-2 years, but years. “Valuable experience will be a provision to become a good entrepreneur in the future, even their idea can be realized into a unicorn company in the future,” said Henky.

Meanwhile, one of the Mini MBA participants, Rachelle Wibowo Ongko, admitted that the competition that was initiated by NJIS is able to improve skills and self-confidence so that participants can optimize everything they possess. “The short course program and the Mini MBA competition invites the younger generation to upgrade capabilities more optimally. I am grateful and proud to be able to take part in this spectacular competition. Moreover, having the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who have experienced and proud contribution in Indonesia,” said Rachelle.

Another participant, Daitaro Lubis, said that the Mini MBA program deserves to be NJIS' flagship program and will always be awaited by the entire younger generation. “As a participant, I would like to thank NJIS for giving us challenges and stimulating our abilities so that we can penetrate the boundaries to be better than ever. I hope that this program can become an annual program that will always be awaited by the younger generation in various countries, “said Daitaro.