NJIS x HOSHIZORA - Community Building Initiative

The NJIS walkathon is a student-driven initiative whereby students are encouraged to accumulate and track their number of steps over the course of a week. Students are encouraged to seek sponsorship for every step they take from people within the community and make sponsors aware of the cause they are walking for. The programme has become the core of our school service programme. In our geographic location we are not often able to visit charities and do hands-on work. However, with the foundation upgrading access to meeting adopted students, our students are now able to have a group call to meet their adik bintang, many of whom are spread across the archipelago. The transparency of funds within the foundation also allows students to see where their funds raised go to. Not only to fund their adik bintang to return to school but also to help teachers within the adik bintang community train students with 21st century skills that they will need to make a success of their education on entering university or the working environment.

We Identified Hoshizora Foundation out of a need to interact with the people we were helping. We wanted students to be able to communicate with those people in need in order to gain perspective and develop understanding in order to develop a sense of empathy, caring and respect for people from all walks of life, and to not simply throw money at a situation and hope the problem would go away. Parents and extended families have also participated in the walkathon to accumulate steps, as well as sponsor generously to the cause. We have held interviews with Hoshizora over social media to help the organisation gain publicity in an effort to assist more children in need. On Week Without Walls, students met their adopted students and their parents which proved very humbling. Families have also become interested in adopting their own student which initiated a new programme for the school.