The middle years program at NJIS is a five-year program which is aimed to prepare the students for Diploma or other similar programs in High School. MYP is a challenging framework which encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. The inquiry approach is continued to be one of the main teaching and learning approaches as well concept driven and the 21st century learning skills which are beneficial for their academic endeavours and lives beyond school.

There are 8 different subject groups in which at least 50 hours of teaching is dedicated each year. In the final two years of the program, more specialised subjects are introduced as the continuation of integrated subjects in the earlier grade levels. As the culmination of the program, students in MYP 5 are expected to accomplish a personal project which allows them to consolidate their learning throughout the program. This project acts as a medium for students to practice building a sense of purpose in their lives by trying to solve real world problems through academic and skills mastery.

MYP teachers at NJIS are dedicated and well trained to take on board the rigorous academic expectations of the program while at the same time provide as much time to deal with individual needs of the students using various differentiation strategies and collaborative planning. Students in the MYP develop their independent learning attributes through teachers’ in class instructions, online and offline resources as well as the state of the art facilities to ensure their readiness for the challenges presented to them.

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