“Happy, thoughtful children with a thirst for knowledge, and the skills and confidence to seek it out for themselves”, are what we build in the Early Years at NJIS.

We recognize how important early education is for our youngest learners – children learn best when they feel safe and happy in their environment. Following the IB Primary Years Programme alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage, we set the stage for lifelong learning and encourage the development of positive social skills that children will master as they grow. Our passionate and energetic teachers build relationships with children and families to make everyone feel valued and secure. Our classrooms have a range of learning opportunities that help to foster an inquisitive and engaging space that encourages them to be curious about the world around them.

We encourage children to think, make good choices, and become independent learners, challenging them to extend their learning. Play is valuable as the mode through which young children learn. Time is dedicated to spontaneous play and building gross motor skills, balanced with playful learning opportunities where lesson plans come alive. Students learn about numbers, letters, colors, and language in a way that also fosters socialization, imagination, and joy. Our methods of teaching help your children learn through everything they do without even realising they are having their first experience of education. They become scientists experimenting at the water table and as they hunt for bugs in the garden; developing mathematicians learn numbers as they sing counting songs, sort and match toys at tidy up time; and children who have fun listening to and sharing books and stories grow into early readers and writers.

At NJIS, play is as productive as it is fun in the Early Years.

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