The Diploma Programme is the final stepping stone in the life of an NJIS student. It is an academically rigorous programme that offers students both breadth and depth of study from a variety of subjects offered by NJIS, all concept-driven and based on global contexts. Assessment in the DP is unique in that every student develops agency over what they study through guidelines in each subject’s Internal Assessment. Students develop their own line of inquiry within these subject-based assessments, making learning interesting, relevant and unique to each student, instilling in students a fulfilling sense of mastery of what they study.

This is also true of the Diploma Programme’s Core Subjects. The Extended Essay, in which students undertake a 4000-word academic research paper relating to a subject group and research issue of their choice; whilst in Theory of Knowledge, students challenge the constructs of knowledge and how they know what they know, teaching students to engage critically with information they will be exposed to throughout their lives and preparing them for further study. Creativity, Activity and Service affords our students the opportunity to develop a sense of balance and purpose through the holistic and meaningful exploration of their passions and creative interests; the organisation of physical activities and events, as well as developing service initiatives for which they identify a need within the community.

As a small school, our dedicated team of teachers are able to meet the individual learning needs of our students. To this end, NJIS offers multiple channels of support, from weekly one-on-one meetings with advisors, language learning support, and professional social-emotional guidance and university placement from our school counsellor. By the end of the two-year Diploma Programme, our students are confident individuals and step out into the world as future leaders with the wisdom and passion to enact change.

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