Admission Policy

Admission Policies


  • North Jakarta Intercultural School was established in 1990 to serve the educational needs of expatriate children who are residents of Indonesia. The school enrolls expatriate students whose parents (or at least the father) have a foreign passport and a valid work permit and residence permit. (The Ministerial Decree of May 2, 2000 authorizes NJlS to enroll Indonesian students who meet the criteria established by the National Ministry of Education.) For a student to be eligible, the school administration must agree that the student has a reasonable expectation of academic and personal success within the NJlS program. Students must reside with their parents or legal guardians in greater Jakarta. NJIS may deny students based on disciplinary grounds.
  • NJlS does not employ a school psychologist or psychiatrist and has no program specifically for children with learning differences. Students who have learning differences which are beyond the scope of the school’s programs, professional and material resources, or who have not performed adequately at previous school(s), regardless of the reason for this, will not be eligible for admission to NJIS. NJIS will seriously consider students who have a desire and motivation to succeed but who have had difficulties which the school judges can be addressed within the normal framework of its classroom program. In older grades particularly, poor past performance, whether due to learning differences or other problems, can result in denial of admission to NJIS.
  • Because the ability to learn English is essential for academic and social success at NJIS, the school reserves the right to restrict the admission of non-English speaking children in a given class or grade if it is felt that additional non-English speaking children at this grade level would be difficult to accommodate effectively.
  • Application for admission must be accompanied by full citizenship documentation of the child and parents. This documentation for expatriate students, must include a photocopy of a valid temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) for student and both parents or Dinas visa or Diplomatic visa for student and both parents. The original documents must be presented and verified by the Admissions Office. No other visa status will be accepted.
  • If KITAS is in process at the time of admission, a letter from the sponsoring company (employer) is required stating that an application for the KITAS has been lodged. This letter must be in the school’s files prior to the student’s entrance into the school. The original KITAS must be presented within 30 days after enrollment. Holders of Diplomatic and Dinas visas only provide photocopies of the passports and the current visa pages.
  • In Case of financial delinquency, school policy prohibits class attendance and/or the release of grades, transcripts, or other records of attendance and performance.


NJIS’s school year begins in August and ends in June. Applications may be submitted from February of the year preceding August entry. Once we have received the application and supporting documents, we will be able to determine whether NJIS will be a good match for your child/children. A student's application will not be processed for admission until all supporting documents have been received.

All admission criteria must be met prior to entrance into the school. Applicants in Kindergarten through Grade 2 (age 5-7) need no knowledge of English to apply for admission. Applicants in Grades 3-12 applying from non-English speaking schools, or who are not fully fluent in English, will take the ESL (English as a Second Language) test which measures his or her knowledge of vocabulary, reading comprehension grammar, and writing ability. Applicants in Grades 9 through 12 are required to have a basic knowledge of English, minimum of one year's previous instruction in English, and a satisfactory score on the ESL test. Students will be scheduled for tests after the application is stated as complete by the Admissions Office.

Grade Levels for Student Applying from Schools with Calendar Year School Schedules

Students applying from schools with calendar year school years from January, February, or March until November, December, or February, as in Australia, Singapore, and Korea, will be considered for admission to the grade that extends their current school year. In other words, students applying for August enrollment should apply to begin the grade they are currently attending, and students applying for January enrollment should apply to join the grade they have just completed.


All applicants must supply the following documentation:

  • A current NJIS application form, completed and signed.
  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • Copies of child’s and parents’ passports. Originals must be presented at the time of submission of the application or upon arrival prior to admittance.
  • Copies of child ’s and father ’s KITAS, Dinas, or Diplomatic visa (present original) or sponsoring letter from the company.
  • The last two years of school records. School records from schools in which English is not the language of instruction must be translated into English.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • A completed NJIS Health Card.
  • A completed NJIS bus form (if applicable) and two passport-size photographs. (It may take up to three days to put a child on a route once the completed bus form has been received).
  • Payment of Rp. 2,840,000 non-refundable application fee per student at the time of submission of this application. This must be paid in cash (Rupiah). A receipt will be issued upon payment.
  • Maintain the application checklist to be sure that all required documents are submitted.

Submission of this application does not guarantee admission into the school. Incomplete information may delay the application process. Once all admission requirements are met, parents will be informed of admission and placement, at which time the following procedures are necessary:

Required Procedures before Child Starts Classes

  • Tuition and fees are due and payable in full upon receipt of the school’s invoice.
  • Transfer of tuition fees as per the school’s invoice, with a photocopy of the transfer order sent to the school.
  • Payment of Annual Capital Charge . Children beginning the second semester in January 2017 must be covered by an Annual Capital Charge. The Annual Capital Charge is payable for the school year or any fraction thereof. It is not refundable at any time.
  • Purchase of a school and a P. E. uniform or material for the school uniform with tailoring guidelines as soon as admission is confirmed. Uniforms and/or materials are available through Head Secretary.

Falsification or withholding of any information, including passport, stay permit, birth date, parent information, or school records (academic or behavioral), will result in denial of admission, possible dismissal, and/or possible notification to immigration authorities. The school retains the right to require any documents necessary to verify the applicant's residency, parental, or citizenship status. If there is any question regarding authenticity or source of the documents presented, it is the applicant's responsibility to provide such proof as necessary to document student admissibility.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions regarding the policy or procedure.