What is PAFA?

PAFA is the abbreviation for Parents and Friends Association. It is a diverse representative group of NJIS parents dedicated to fostering a positive and collaborative relationship between the parents, administration and faculty in an endeavor to improve the school. A parent of a NJIS student, a member of the faculty, or a member of administration automatically qualifies as a full member of PAFA. This entitles them to participate in all PAFA organized events. At the same time, a PAFA member is eligible to run for any position available on the PAFA Executive Committee.

The elected representatives consist of the offices of:

  • President
  • Public Relations
  • Vice President
  • Events Organizer
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

 The elected representative meet regularly and support NJIS policies and cooperate fully with the NJIS administration to ensure and strengthen the NJIS Mission Statement and Vision Statement.

The goals of PAFA are to:

  • Enhance the education of NJIS students
  • Promote pride in NJIS
  • Promote understanding and communication among parents, teachers, and administration by providing regular opportunities for dicsussions
  • Provide support to an recognition of the NJIS teachers

NJIS encourages all parents to become active members of PAFA, which helps to enhance their children's school days as well as enriching their involvement with the school community. NJIS welcomes involvement of parents with PAFA, whether it will be on campus or school wide.

PAFA operates independently of the school but works with the administration under the umbrella of the "Yayasan". It provides leadership and outreach to the community. It organizes multiple events from bake sales to Fun Fair Day, United Nation's Day, Halloween, and a Chinese New Year celebration. These activities are for the benefit of the entire student body and are dependent upon requests by faculty and administration as well as the degree of parental involvement. As PAFA is dependent upon parents who volunteer their time and talent, the activities and the degree of "volunteerism" will inherently vary from one year to the next. NJIS could not to do all that it does without parents, and the school is most grateful for their efforts on behalf of the school. All money raised from these events are channeled directly back to the school for school improvement.

International school families are by nature mobile and may be in Jakarta for only two or three years. Therefore, parents have a right to expect that any fund raising undertaken during their time at NJIS be used to support programs while their children are in attendance at NJIS so they may benefit from the fund raising. Accordingly, it is preferable that all funds earned under the auspices of PAFA be allocated and spent within one year of their having been raised for the general benefit of the school. PAFA's allocations have included a PA system, an electronic score board, contributions to the Student Council, and assistance in funding the school's piano. In previous years, PAFA provided athletic shoes, a disco light for the school's theater, an overhead projector for classroom usage, and a compact-disk addition the library. Effective this school year, PAFA has been given a permanent, air-conditioned office in the school. PAFA serves as a channel through which parents, faculty, administration, and the Board can communicate to promote cooperation and understanding within the NJIS community.