Welcome to NJIS the only school in North Jakarta - and one of only a handful in Indonesia - to offer the prestigious US Common Core and Advanced Placement (AP) curricula. 

NJIS has been providing an American-style, international program in North Jakarta for almost 30 years now. Around half of our students come from Indonesia, and the other half come from countries including Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Paraguay, Portugal, Singapore and the United States. We are truly a global community and we believe that learning in such an internationally-minded environment will better prepare your child for success in a rapidly-changing world.

NJIS is also the only school in the area to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) based in the United States. This accreditation will help to give your child access to some of the best schools in North America and around the world. It also lets you know that your child is enrolled in a school that is continually externally evaluated to ensure that it meets exactly the same standards as the best schools in the US.

Graduates from NJIS have successfully graduated to top schools around the world including Harvard, Parsons, Northeastern University, Durham University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, National Taiwan University, Monash University, University of San Francisco, as well as multiple acceptances to Berkeley. 

Without doubt, the most important part of my job as a Head of School is recruiting and retaining the best teachers from international schools around the world to come and work for NJIS. This is not a passive process where we post a position and wait to see who applies. In fact, most of the teachers that I have hired here were headhunted from the best international schools around the world. We employ native-English speaking, certified expatriate teachers with experience of, and certification for, teaching in their home countries as well as in other international schools. More than half of our expatriate faculty hold a Masters or Doctorate degree. 

No other school in Jakarta can match the quality of our teachers and no other school offers the same level of attention to your child's needs. Part of our educational philosophy is that class sizes are kept small, which allows your child to get the kind of focused and direct attention from teachers that will allow them to bloom.

NJIS is without equal when it comes to offering the highest quality education in Jakarta. Please browse these pages to learn more and do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions at gdonovan@njis.org or our admissions department at marketing@njis.org

Kind regards,

Gerald Donovan

Head of School