Our Student Learner Outcomes are keyed to the acronym WE ACT:

NJIS Students:

Have a Global Worldview

  • Collaborate on projects on issues of local and global concern

  • Select appropriate information, express opinions and take action on important global matters

  • Critically assess issues of social justice and ethical responsibility, and take action to challenge discrimination and inequality

  • Acknowledge and reflect upon themselves as global citizens

Are Engaged Learners

  • Ask questions, learn collaboratively, seek help when needed and offer help when able. 

  • Listen to a variety of ideas and respond to the input of others. 

  • Express their opinions & describe their perspectives. 

  • Discuss, debate and problem-solve with the group.

  • Exert the effort necessary effort to master difficult skills and understand complex ideas.

Are Academically Minded

  • Enjoy learning, display curiosity, and approach the world with an open mind.

  • View challenges as opportunities for growth.

  • Ask and answer their own questions, identify personal learning goals, and design and carry out learning plans.

  • Confidently use existing knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

  • Are self-critical, self-correcting, and flexible in thinking and acting.

Communicate confidently

  • Speak, read, write, and listen effectively for a variety of purposes, and across a variety of media.

  • Use appropriate communication and communications technology in different environments.

  • Listen to others with empathy and understanding.

  • Accept and offer constructive criticism.

Think critically

  • Approach problem-solving with persistence and creativity, both independently and through collaboration.

  • Start from questions, not from assumptions.

  • Locate appropriate information, evaluate its quality, organize it, and use it effectively.

  • Make informed decisions by basing their understandings on data and evidence.

  • Shift their understandings to fit the data.