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Message from Head of School

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It is a pleasure to welcome you to North Jakarta International School.

New and returning families alike will find NJIS a place where their children will love to study and grow from preK through grade 12. NJIS is a college-bound university preparatory school. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes for our upper high school. As students challenge themselves to take these AP courses they will be prepared to step into universities throughout the world.

However, NJIS is more than high quality academics. Students will find a caring culture of highly qualified teachers. Our teachers are involved in after school activities, exploratory classes and leadership opportunities that help our students learn of the world around them.

We incorporate relationships, relevance, rigor, and reflective thought. These important aspects of an educational learning environment are part of our daily work. It’s through these relationships with each other, our teaching with relevance to the world outside of the schoolyard while including a rigorous program where a learning orientation is offered, that we hope to instill in your child the willingness and ability to learn and be successful.

We appreciate you being a part of NJIS. We are proud of the opportunity to serve your children.

Professionally yours,


Gregory A. Rayl, M.Ed.

Head of School